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A Chosen Child Adoption Agency
A Chosen Child

A Chosen Child has a dedicated, hard working team that is passionate about placing babies in their forever homes.  

We are a trusted adoption agency in Orlando, Florida. Serving Florida's birth mothers and America's families for over 20 years! Serving in Central Florida, Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Hernando County.


“I just wanted to thank the agency that I chose. I’m glad I went with them because they are

just overall nice, on point and professional team of people especially, Elvia, my Birth Parent

Coordinator. She always made sure I was taken care of and asked me if I needed anything. If I

did then she would make sure it happened or got done. She is very good with people and my son

as well.  She also would call to see how I was doing even after the placement. I’m glad I got a chance to work with her, she is awesome. Denise, Clara, and Lauren were very sweet  people and made me feel comfortable when I would go to the office. Denise I love because she made sure that I got the parents I wanted and if not then she was working hard to make sure she got it right and re-assured me that if they weren’t it then we would keep on looking for them. But, overall she has done an awesome job pairing me up with parents she knew I would like. Thanks Denise. Lauren I got to meet for a brief moment but, she as well just had a good personality and looks happy all the time with a warm smile. Thanks, Clara for making sure my bills were taken care of. You’re great! I don’t see how you get it all done  Thank you, for being so nice. If someone needed to make a tough but wise decision like I did, I will definitely refer them to you because I believe you all are the most professional team that I’ve seen in a while and other women need to know they have other options and should choose life and go with A Chosen Child. Thanks again team. You all are great and thank you for helping me when things were hard.”

Monique- Birth Mother

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