We see a lot at A Chosen Child! Because we are an active participant in the Central Florida Community, we are able to identify key areas of need that many times prevent people who would otherwise be able to contribute from leading the active productive lives they were meant to lead. Then we translate that need into a goal to help others. 

A Chosen Child works diligently with our birth mothers during and after their pregnancy to obtain their identification, locate housing, participate any rehabilitation and gain other important life skills. The money donated to A Chosen Child is used to help other regain their balance in an uncertain world. 

The largest struggle facing both birth parents and adoptive parents is a lack of resources. The majority of birth mothers struggle to make ends meet and are homeless when they make the decision to complete an adoption plan. This homelessness translates to instability and lack of safety for the birth mother which in turn makes for a bad adoption plan. At A Chosen Child, we work with our birth mothers to secure their safety first with temporary or transitional housing. Once safe and sound, we aid them in identifying more permanent housing. Our goal is to help them find housing that they can hopefully maintain themselves after their adoption plans.
Money from donations
Housing for birth mothers
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Everybody loves babies! At A Chosen Child we are dedicated to improving the lives of our adoptees during the pregnancy and afterwards. We work with our families to identify the social, medical and physical needs of their babies. The team at A Chosen Child works with families to identify key physicians, therapists and child care professionals to help them and their families to stay healthy. We interact with medical professionals daily to provide for the needs of our little bundles of joy.

Babies And Their Families

Your Money
Your money counts...At A Chosen Child, we work efficiently by utilizing virtual systems for communication with clients and birth mothers. All of our team members are cross-functional and work in more than one arena of the agency. We want your donations to help as many families as possible. We assure this by maintaining a strong network of professionals to assist our core group as needed without the requirement of large staff numbers and unnecessary overhead. 
Birth mothers need transportation to access their medical care, their homes and potential jobs. Virtually all of our birth mothers struggle with reaching their destinations. Your donations help them to have bus passes and other forms of transportation to get to their important destinations. 
Transportation for birth mothers